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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free and open source multiplayer first-person shooter video game set during World War II. It was originally planned to be released as a commercial expansion pack to Return to Castle Wolfenstein and later as a standalone game. However, due to problems with the single-player aspect, the multiplayer portion was released on 29 May 2003 as a freeware standalone game. In January 2004, the source code for the game logic (not the game engine) was released to the benefit of its modding community. The game uses a modified Return to Castle Wolfenstein engine, itself being a heavily modified id Tech 3 engine, which has been open source since 2005. As of the first day of the 2010 QuakeCon, 12 August the entire source code was released under the GNU General Public License v3. Multiple source ports have been started. While the work by the OpenWolf and ET:Xreal teams concentrate on innovating the renderer, the most active community project, ET: Legacy, focuses on fixing issues by backporting improvements from ioquake3 while staying binary compatible with the original game client, server and its mods.








Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is an online multiplayer game, wherein the players interact with each other over a network, in two teams (Allies and Axis) to defend or destroy mission objectives. The game is playable over the Internet or a Local Area Network. Like many online games, cheating and exploit communities exist. In public games, PunkBuster used to protect the game, however its developer, EvenBalance, discontinued support for the game in October 2011. St Siwa Oasis in Egypt, site of historical World War II fighting, inspired the map of the same name. There are six officially released maps that are partially based on real locations or events (North African Campaign: Gold Rush, Siwa Oasis, and Atlantic Seawall Battery; Europe Campaign: Rail Gun, Würzburg Radar, and Fuel Dump), as well as hundreds of custom maps made by the gaming community. On most maps, the offense needs to complete a certain set of objectives within a limited amount of time. The defense needs to keep the offense from completing objectives until time runs out. Some objectives may be optional, and some objectives can be carried out by either team. These minor objectives assist the team completing them. Depending on game mode the action will continue on another map (Campaign Mode) or the same map (Objective Mode, Stopwatch Mode, Last Man Standing). In all but the Last Man Standing Mode, dead players respawn all at the same time, every X seconds. In the default maps—assuming that the server settings are not changing it—Allies spawn every 20 seconds and the Axis every 30 seconds, the only exception being Rail Gun where both have a 20-second spawn. With default settings, one can see the spawn timer in the right side of the screen. Experienced players should watch the timer all the time—dying to a 1-second spawn practically means losing your position (and a life, if the server has the rarely used Limited Lives feature enabled) and resetting your health and ammo, while a 30-second spawn can be deadly if there are only a few players. A good tactic is to find out the spawn time of your enemy, for example looking at the mission timer, and time your attacks so that every dead opponent will have to wait a full-time spawn. A model of the German railway gun Dora which inspired the Railgun map. In the official six map campaign (most common on public servers), Allies are offense for all but one map, Railgun. In Stopwatch Mode (most common for locked or LAN servers) two teams—most common setups: 6vs6 or 3vs3—will play the same map twice, once on each side and the winner is the team with the fastest offense (it can be a tie when both teams defense manage to keep the offense from completing the objectives until time runs out (commonly known as a "full hold")). Players may earn experience points in several skill categories. All character classes may earn points in Battle Sense and Light Weapons. Class skills are generally restricted to the current class, the exception being Heavy Weapons (the Soldier class skill). Players have certain abilities based on their character class. The player has a Power Bar that provides "power" for their special abilities. The power bar regenerates slowly. Constructing the Command post speeds up the recharge rate though. Players have up to eight weapon slots, depending on character class. The classes that are available are engineer, soldier, field ops, medic, and covert ops.








OS : Linux

CPU : Intel® i7

Memory : 16 GB RAM

Hard Disk Space : 3 TB

Internet : 1 Gbps


IP :

Mod : Silent

Gametype : Objective

Anticheat : Silents anti-cheat system

Punkbuster : Disabled

Slots : 20

Country : Germany

ET Legacy | Official Maps

IP :

Mod : Legacy v2.76

Gametype : Campaign

Anticheat : Legacy anti-cheat system

Punkbuster : Disabled

Slots : 20

Country : Germany

Game Configuration:



Objective mapcycle:

01. Battery
02. Oasis
03. Glider
04. ET BEach
05. Fueldump
07. Railgun
08. 1944 Beach
09. Warbell
10. Saberpeak
11. Goldrush
13. MLB Egypt
14. Eagles 2ways b3
15. Italy fp2
16. Venice
17. ET Dam b1
19. Bremen Final
20. Dubrovnik Final
21. ET Mor2 Night Final
22. Caen2
23. Axis Lab Final
25. MLB Temple
26. Xposed
27. Marketgarden ET
28. Baserace Desert

Anti-Cheat settings:



pb_sv_cvar r_wolffog in 1

pb_sv_scorekick -1

pb_sv_cvar cg_wolfparticles in 1 1

pb_sv_cvar cg_atmosphericEffects in 1 1

Please exec the follow console commands, otherwise PB will KICK you:

/set r_wolffog 1

/set cg_wolfparticles 1

/set cg_atmosphericEffects 1

Anti-Cheat streaming:



ET Legacy | Official Maps

Campaign mapcycle:

01. Battery official
02. Gold Rush official
03. Würzburg Radar official
04. Rail Gun official
05. Fuel Dump official
06. Siwa Oasis official

Anti-Cheat settings:

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Software Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows® 98/ME/NT4.0 (SP6)/2000/XP/7/8/8.1/10, Linux, MacOS operating system
(Windows NT 4.0 not recommended for clients)
DirectX®: 8.1 or higher

Hardware Requirements

Graphics Card: 3D hardware accelerator with 32 MB with full OpenGL® support
CPU: Pentium III® 600MHz processor or AMD equivalent
HDD Space: 271 MB free hard disk space for game files, 500 MB for swap files
Internet: Internet connection required for online play (broadband connection recommended for best gameplay experience).

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